Day 2

The pain is a little worse so I asked for Oxy and trying not use the Dilauded IV. Still feeling pretty good, can stand up, walk, and sit a bit more than yesterday. Surgical anesthesia is obviously wearing off and muscle soreness is getting worse, was told that it’ll wear off completely after 3-4 days so I should expect it to get worse.

By late morning my pain was manageable, I could go to the bathroom, and was walking and sitting comfortably. I was told that I may be discharged early if the PT and doctor assessments were good. I wasn’t enjoying this stay so I was happy to hear that! PT evaluation went fine — I could walk 100 (or was it 50?) ft, climb a few stairs, get in an out of bed and chair. The surgeon’s PA checked in, removed the hemovac and signed off on the discharge. I was told to expect the pain to increase over the next 4 days and no bowel movement for up to a week. I was on my way home by 3PM! A full day earlier than expected.

The walk to the car was slow and hard. My wife’s Subaru Forester is the ideal height to get in and it was still hard. I wouldn’t be able to get into a low sedan. The 10 minute ride home sucked — I felt every single bump.

At home things got worse — the pain kicked in, muscle soreness and weakness increased, started getting chills and feeling generally crappy. Opiods’ impact on my bowels become noticeable. I slept the rest of the day.

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