Day 3

The surgical anesthetic is obviously still wearing off. Incision pain and muscle soreness have increased. I’m still trying to figure out how to get in and out of bed and turn over in bed. Lower back muscles just feel weak and non-responsive. This is way worse than post-laminectomy recovery.

The incision is larger than expected — a solid 6″ vs. ~2″ from previous laminectomies. And I have 25 staples holding it together. Not sure why the Dr. chose staples over dissolving stitches or glue.

Every step is a conscious effort, particularly walking up and down stairs. I’m constantly afraid that I’ll lose balance. Still have chills and a low grade fever and feeling crappy. Cold sweat either from the fever or Oxy. Settled into the 5/325 Oxy dose every 4 hours. My stomach is starting to feel worse…feeling more bloated. Started Colace and Milk of Magnesia, a 15 minute stomach massage really helped.

Was able to walk around the block (~1/8 mile) outside which was more tiring than expected. Pacing around the house most of the day — generally 1 hour of standing/walking for 2 hours of bed. Trying to keep good track of pain medication — Oxy dosing and total daily acetamenophen dosage — in my head. In hindsight, should’ve been writing them down.

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