Day 1: Op

In this hospital at 5:30AM for a 7:30AM start. Filled out paperwork, met the various doctors, etc. Was happy to see a neurologist(?) who was going to attach sensors to my head, arms, and legs to monitor nerve health. Started on time, surgery was expected to take 2 hours but took 3 — a lot scar tissue from prior surgeries narrowed the nerve canal and had to be cleaned up.

Woke up before noon with incision site pain. Had a Dilaudid IV with a button and had to use it a few times to numb the pain. There was also a hemovac that drained blood from the incision. Was in my room around 1PM and generally felt good. Had to stand up and walk up and down the hallways around 5PM. It felt good to walk around but the muscle weakness was very evident. Was offered Oxy for pain, but didn’t need it, settled for Tylenol and an occasional Dilaudid dose through the night. I was obviously still under surgical anesthetics. Walked one more time before bed. Didn’t sleep well through the night, as expected, due to pain and general soreness.

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