Day 6

Woke up at 4AM when the painkiller wore off. Wow! Back pain! Stomach pain! Sciatica! Took 2 Oxy and spent an hour pacing around waiting for it to kick in. Remaining sleep was very broken…not enjoying sleeping with Oxy. Sciatica was very bad in the morning…the most intense nerve pressure and numbness I’ve felt in a long time (ever?). The pain wore off after a few hours of movement around the house.

Feeling much stronger today. Can walk and climb stairs confidently. Walked outside for over an hour, took a short car ride, and hung out (mostly sitting and standing) at a friends’ house. Having an easier time showering but still need help and not getting the incision wet. Generally feeling less sleepy and sore.

Stomach is still a mess and the pain picked up in the evening before bed. Had to load up on Oxy and Tylenol hoping to avoid a repeat of last night. Keeping track of pain medication (e.g. to keep Tylenol dosage under 4000mg) is a necessary chore.

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