Days 10-12

Daily improvements! I’m off Oxy, only taking 1000mg of Tylenol before bed and maybe 500mg during the day as needed. Walking 2.5-4 miles a day at a normal pace and pacing around the house the rest of the day with an afternoon nap. Back to most normal activities and seeing that limiting movement for 3 months will require a lot of focus and willpower. Boredom is kicking in…audio books have been a lifesaver so far. Stomach is back normal. Lunging more confidently to pick things up off the floor. Can’t load the dishwasher or do the laundry (not surprisingly!) but starting to help with some chores.

Sleep is still somewhat broken…the back is sore and staples (25 of them!) are really starting to bother me. An afternoon nap goes a long way. Was able to sit for an hour+ to do some work on the computer and watch TV. Can shower and get dressed solo. Putting on socks is really tough and my lack of flexibility is not helping…this will be a problem for a while.

Walked to my son’s school to attend the science fair for a total of ~1/2 mile walking plus on my feet there for ~1.5 hours. Lots of kids running around was terrifying and found myself backing up against a wall to avoid bumping into them.

Had a hard sneeze that nearly knocked me off my feet, barely caught myself by grabbing a window sill. It felt like I pulled a back muscle or tore the incision…it was still sore 18 hours later.

I can get into the car (Subaru Forester) slowly doing the sit back and turn approach. Bumps and sharp maneuvers are painful but not as bad as before. I’m pretty sure I can drive the Forester now, but it’s becoming obvious that I won’t be driving my sedan any time soon.

First post-op in a few days, can’t wait to get the staples out and see the xrays.

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