Day 21

Things have pretty much plateaued (as expected). I sleep through the night with occasional mild discomfort, no more than 500mg of Tylenol for pain per day, walking 3-5 miles outside per day, doing some chores (cooking and tidying up), can shower and get dressed, sitting over an hour in a straight back chair results in sciatica. I can walk my kids to and from school (1/3 mile each way) and help them with homework, food, etc. Lunging and half squats to reach things on the floor, but must be done carefully with a straight back…having the brace on helps.

I find that limited movement causes my leg and back muscles to get very tight and start to cramp. Stretching is hard without bending or triggering pain. I found a few light stretches for hamstrings, hip flexors, and glutes. I can’t roll my muscles out with a foam roller, but a massage stick helps.

Sneezing sucks!

I drove for the first time a few days ago. I find that getting into the car the normal way (right foot first, sit, bring left foot in) is easier than sitting fully sideways and turning. Either way, getting in and out must be done slowly. Still not brave enough to try getting into my low sedan.

I like walking, so I do 2-4 miles outside before lunch and maybe another 1-2 miles in the late afternoon. I find this prevents my muscles from cramping up from non use. At this point I don’t get sore from this level of activity.

walking distances

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